Brian is a researcher, technologist, and futurist working in Kyoto, Japan as a programmer, web developer, and software engineer. He has a CS degree from VT in VA plus several years experience and a wide interest in many topics. Oportunities and Interest Always Welcome.
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Thursday, February 24, 2005 permanent link
  I'm BACK! I forgot about my blog. However I shall now resume. I'll start with a recent and rather surprising discovery... at least to me. Few other people in this world will give a damn. Someone is competing against a former employer of mine and offering website application service to used Japanese car exporters. My previous job was developing a site very similar to this for an exporter of second-hand vehicles in Japan. When I developed it for them it was a cutting edge advantage over the other used Japanese vehicle exporters. Now however, the technology of creating these English versions of the online Japanese auctions is widespread. It was just a matter of time before some savvy information technology person decided to make a living providing the service to all the smaller players. If only it had been me...
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