Brian is a researcher, technologist, and futurist working in Kyoto, Japan as a programmer, web developer, and software engineer. He has a CS degree from VT in VA plus several years experience and a wide interest in many topics. Oportunities and Interest Always Welcome.
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Tuesday, September 16, 2003 permanent link
  Admire Japan's Technology

My friend messaged me saying, to the best of my recollection, "Hey Panasonic just released a new cell phone. Check this out, it is amazing technolgy", and then sent me this link. He is right, Japan does have some interesting products.

Sunday, September 14, 2003 permanent link

A new way of looking at grandma's old vacuum cleaner.

The past was so much more futuristic!

Saturday, September 13, 2003 permanent link
  My thoughts in progress

Campaign finance: we must decouple businesses from the government.
Finance: the stock market places too much emphasis on short term gains over stable growth. (prevent the movement of shares to keep riding crests).
Media: Free speach is costly. Media is how businesses control the minds of the people and thus the govement. We must keep diversity. Diversity of opinion is competition of the better idea and viewpoint, valuable in same way that capitalisim is supposet to be. Media must educate, to valuable to be given entirely over to profit.

The political process in america encourages short term gains with long term consequences.

Darwinism is competition of biological organisms for survival.
Democracy should be Darwinism of political ideas competing for morality.
Capitalism should be Darwinism of technolgy and skill competing for material gain.
In nature biology evolves jointly with other biology, must strike a balance or perish.
Capitalism is overtaking Democracy.

The benefit of capitalism is that competition pushes people to make improvements in technology, science, and education, processes, quality, safety. Gains made through any other improvement are not enherently good. Like playing a sport, we must regulate with rules. Otherwise it becomes an arms race that is ultimately destructive with each player doing whatever it can just to stay alive for the moment without regards for the future.

Outsourcing of IT and service industry jobs can be viewed as polution, damaging the environment. If we didn't regulate the car manufacturers, they would never have added polution control to the cars. We still need greater protection against polution and real economic damage.

Outsourcing is poluting the economic environment of the USA. When there were layoffs in the manufacturing sector years ago, everyone re-trained for the service sector. Now the service sector is going overseas? What jobs will be left for US workers? With regulation against it we allow competition without destruction. It is defeatist to simply say it is impossible to stop and it sipmly isn't true. In the very least we can at least stem the tide.

American CIOs and CTOs are under pressure from shareholders/Wall Street/Nasdaq to ALWAYS cut costs and increase profits. If it wasn't for this pressure they would be more mindful of the future. Who are the shareholders of the big US companies that outsource work to India? Mostly Americans. So if you want outsourcing to stop, target the real "culprits", the shareholder who wants higher profits all the time.

We have become focussed purely on monetary gain and distraction instead of on growth and improvement and evolution. The single most powerful way for people to make a difference is to buy stocks and then use their voting power to hirer responsible presidents and to back responsible initiatives.

Friday, September 12, 2003 permanent link
  More examples of Japan not acknowledging what a sick FUCKED UP country it used to be:
The Great Kanto Earthquake and the following massacre
Tuesday, September 09, 2003 permanent link
  New Pictures of Me

Actually, old pictures in a new place. Look under "Mirror Project" on my Portfolio site.

Thursday, September 04, 2003 permanent link

Media reform and campaign finance reform are the two most important keys in reclaiming true democracy in the USA. Democracy is what made us great isn't it !?!?

permanent link
  If its not the heat death of the universe, it something else

"'In the long run the universe doesn't want to be four-dimensional. It wants to be 10 dimensions.' So sooner or later, the loops will unravel like a tangle of rubber bands, passing through a succession of configurations that take less and less energy to maintain, until finally the other dimensions expand and the cosmological constant is gone. At that moment a bubble of 10-dimensional space will sweep out at the speed of light, rearranging physics and the prospects of atoms and planets, not to mention biological creatures."


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