Brian is a researcher, technologist, and futurist working in Kyoto, Japan as a programmer, web developer, and software engineer. He has a CS degree from VT in VA plus several years experience and a wide interest in many topics. Oportunities and Interest Always Welcome.
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Thursday, May 30, 2002 permanent link
  I read this article on today which says a post September 11 baby boom is expected of 10 to 20% above the normal birthrate. It seems the tragedy woke people up and made them realize life can be short and nothing is guaranteed, so get to doing what you want to do. I guess the ironic thing is that while Osama Bin Laden's intentions were to kill Americans, the long term effect is going to create more of them!
Thursday, May 23, 2002 permanent link
  Personal Journal: Some of us were playing a game called "Extreme Lawson" today. It i just like the basketballl game called Horse, but you loose if you get enough letters to spell "Lawson" instead of "Horse". Also all shots must from far away or very difficult with a great chance of missing the backboard and getting a letter. The spirit of the game though was to be "extreme" with your shots, to be impressive. I set up for a shot that everyone thought was rediculous and that I was going to hurt myself, with comments like "get a camera". I stepped onto the fence that is far from hoop, and while balancing on the fence, shot the ball. It bounced of the backboard hard and went in! It may go down as best shot ever because it went in on the very first try when no one thought it had a chance.
Saturday, May 18, 2002 permanent link
  As I am waiting for my just ordered cheese stuffed crust pizza from Pizz Hut to arrive, it is amazingly timely that this article is one of the top stories on with this disturbing yet very funny quote: "You need cheese stuffed into a pizza crust like you need reverse liposuction to force more fat under your skin".
Friday, May 17, 2002 permanent link
  This link is really geeky, but I love it... go figure. It is animation done only with letters and kind of like making a flip book cartoon when you were a kid. The link is very simple, very childish, and yet just plain fun.
Thursday, May 16, 2002 permanent link
  I just finished my first trip to Korea. I went o Seoul and had a great time. It was very educational and very interesting. In addition nearly killing a kid and nearly ending up on TV, I took lots of pictures. Right now I only have up a few. I'll try to add some more as I get a chance.

More about my cryptic references: I played a game with a kid on a seasaw type thing and made him flight into air higher than his head would be if he were standing on the ground. He landed back on his feet on the boad barely, but it freaked me out. His friend kept begging me to do it for him also, but I refused as I walked away clutching my heart. Later that same day, a TV personality asked me if I could be interview after watching a traditionaly styled wedding (a free performance). This was surely because of my good looks and obvious intelligence (and not just because I was a convenient foriegner). However the swarm of cameras, and even fighting among the different cameras about getting in each other's way, ruined over half the show for me. I got angry and the interviewer could tell so he didn't interview me. Good for him because I was fully prepared to express my views... however surprising that may seem to those who know me ;-)

Wednesday, May 08, 2002 permanent link
I have seen this before, but I forgot about it and fell for it again. Read the sentence to the right and count how many F's are in the text:

How many did you find? three? Wrong, the answer is six. Read it again. The brain cannot process "OF". Incredible or what?

Thursday, May 02, 2002 permanent link
  I have added a new Digital Art section to my portfolio at
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